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Hunting for Chukar in Kazakhstan


0000136829_DTSPy9PYGeneral information: The chukar (rock hen) is a bird of pheasant family. Chukar is called rock hen not in vain: its life is closely related to mountains, rocks and cliffs. It inhabits canyons and rocky hills of mountains. Strong legs with hard musculature make the chukar a good runner, and his short wide wings and powerful chestnut musculature provide him with sudden flys up and quick flights on short distance.

Chukar hunting in Kazakhstan:  The chukar is valuable hunting bird. Hunting chukar is carried out in such methods as hunting in watering place, stalk and hunting with dogs. As any mountain hunting, chukar hunting demands a good physical form. You should be quite careful on firing, to escape shifts of scree debris. Chukars fly up with loud crack of wings, but not all aerie simultaneously, but they do this separately, fly every which way, below of the place where they were made afraid and then quickly run up.

Hunting season is settled from October, 1 to December, 15.


                                        Hunting for Pheasant in Kazakhstan


0000136830_yRQKnd57General information: The pheasant inhabits forests with underbrush or bushes. They usually cling near water, in brush woods or in bushes near field waysides. Males are more colorful and beautiful then females. Weight of adult pheasant is about 2 kilograms.

Pheasant hunting in Kazakhstan: The pheasant is valuable hunting trophy. You can hunting the pheasant in several ways: hunting with dogs, stalk, from bird hide on feeding, while hiding peasants from trees and pursuing by snow. When the peasant is in danger, he flies up as candle and flies straight. However it happens very rarely. In the most cases pheasants on their strong legs run away, going all over in search of secluded place. If a bird flies up near the open place, it is easy enough to shoot pheasant, because he flies quite slow. Because pheasants do not fly up when they feel danger, it is difficult enough to hunt them. In such a case the best way to hunt pheasant is the hunting with dogs. The dog must be enduring and tricky. Moreover, a barking dog deflects pheasant’s attention and to hunt birds in such a moment is easy enough. It is really difficult to find out the pheasant without dogs in close bunches who is running the forest in fast speed.

Hunting season is settled from October, 15 to December, 31.

Schedule of events
Schedule of events

Hunting in August

In August the hunting is allowed for Siberian roe deer and Siberian mountain goat (Asian Ibex).