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Hunting for Elk in Kazakhstan

Elk (Moose)

Elk (moose) is a huge animal. The length of the trunk is 2.6-2.9 m, the height in the shoulders is 1.9 m. Elk is the largest in the modern form of the deer family. It can weigh from 380kg to 720kg. Its horns are a memorable gift for any hunter. It can not run for long, but it goes fast and for a long time. Elk hears perfectly, the sense of smell is very strong.
Hunting for elk in Kazakhstan:
Hunting for elk in Kazakhstan is carried out in the East Kazakhstan forests.
There are several types of hunting for elk: Hunting on salines. In a number of places in the Siberian taiga there are natural salines. Here  are deep pits, from which elk lick salt. In place of salines, hunters arrange a small sitting place or build a tower.
Hunting for a roar. Hunting for a roar is based on the fact that in the midst of breeding season elks are very willing to go to the vaba - decoys. Hunters artfully imitate the elk's voice, using specially made manok- decoys for this. Elks willingly respond and often run to the hunter.
Hunting season: Elks hunting is allowed from the first Saturday of September to December 31st.

Schedule of events
Schedule of events

Hunting in August

In August the hunting is allowed for Siberian roe deer and Siberian mountain goat (Asian Ibex).