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Hunting for Maral

Hunting for Maral in Kazakhstan

General information: Maral is considered to be the largest hoof animal in Asia. Because of its reddish brown body color, it is quite difficult to find out this animal amid the trees. Male horns consist of 7-8 tines. Slim body and long legs let dear move about the forest quickly and easily.

Maral hunting in Kazakhstan: Maral hunting is elite hunting type; the maral is popular beyond hunters since olden times. Maral hunting is holding on bosky mountainsides, with the height of 1500-2500 meters above sea level. Maral hunting is a portion of professionals, because this animal is quite careful. While hunting the maral you should keep yourself quiet and carefully, as he feels a man in the distance of more than 500 meters. You can hunt maral with the help of call. Such kind of hunting you should conduct alone. Hunting with call you should start early in the morning. A hunter plant himself from down wind near the ground forestrus. It is better to make a voice calls to feeble buck or doe. Themostdifficultisconsideredthestalk. It is holding in the days of maximal estrus, in the moment of the biggest sensibility and activity of bucks.

Hunting season: The maral hunting is settled in period from the 1st Saturday of September (in 2017 -September, 2) to December, 31. The optimal hunting period in our region is the second part of September.

Schedule of events
Schedule of events

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