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Roe deer

Hunting for Roe deer in Kazakhstan

General information: In Almaty’s region roe deer is widely spread in the forests of South Pribalhashiya, over all mountains of Junggar and ZailiyskiyAlatau. It is small deer. Bucks have small twice branched horns. Its coloration is auburn, in winter it is grey-brown; there is a white stain in the area of tail; the tail is very small. Roe deer hunting you can carry out in such a different ways as stalk, drive hunting etc.

Roe deer drive hunting: A group of hunters are divided on numbers and blanchers. The target of blanchers is to raise as much as possible dust, to direct roe deer to hunters-numbers. The hunting starts usually in the dawn. It is not necessary for a hunter to hide, what he needs is just stay motionless, because roe deer have quite weak sight, they probably wouldn’t notice the motionless hunter.

Hunting season: The roe deer hunting is settled in period from September, 20 to December, 31 (for Buck from August, 1). The optimal hunting period in our region is in August and September.

Schedule of events
Schedule of events

Hunting in August

In August the hunting is allowed for Siberian roe deer and Siberian mountain goat (Asian Ibex).