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Hunting for Siberian Alpine ibex

Hunting for Siberian Alpine ibex in Kazakhstan

General information:  In Kazakhstan Siberian wild goats (also referred to as Alpine ibex) are widespread in the mountains of Junggar and Zailiyskiy Alatau, at a height of 1900-3300 meters above sea level. All goats are typically mountain animals, inhabiting arduous rocky places, stiff slopes of steeps and ravines, and avoiding vast, open and flat spaces. Alpine ibexes are greatly adapted to mountain life, thanks to its quickness and agility they get around the most inaccessible steeps. Goats are a social animal, that’s why you can rarely see them alone. They grass in the morning or in the afternoon.

Hunt on Alpine ibex in Kazakhstan: Alpine ibex In Kazakhstan comes out as a valuable hunting type, as an object of sport hunting.

Hunting season: Hunting on Siberian Alpine ibex is settled from the 1st Saturday of September (in 2017 -September, 2) to December, 31 (for Buck from August, 1).  The optimal hunting period in our region is the second half of August, as well as September and October.

Schedule of events
Schedule of events

Hunting in August

In August the hunting is allowed for Siberian roe deer and Siberian mountain goat (Asian Ibex).