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Wild boar

Hunting for Wild boar in Kazakhstan

General information: The boar has short and massive body, fat legs; weight of adult boar does not usually exceed 100 kg, but it can amount up 150-200 kg. You can meet him on the territory of moss lands with thick sets of bullish and cane.

Wild boar hunting in Kazakhstan: The wild boar is quite popular object of hunting in Kazakhstan. The hunting is running passionately, sometimes even dangerously. Boar hunting is extremely exciting activity, which demands a good preparation. The boar is aggressive animal by his nature.When he feels a danger, he aspires to attack an enemy. There are different ways of boar hunting: 1. Stalk. While stalk hunting you should approach the boar sideway or below, but you should do this very carefully. Stalk hunting should be accompanied by a good preparation: a rifle should be locked and loaded. 2. Boar hunting with dogs. Here the hunter as well as his dog will also need a good preparation. Hunters find traces, set skewbald beagle dogs to brushes and with sinking heart are looking for any movement in close bushes. 3. Drive hunting. Drive hunting is possible if there are many hunters with dogs. In this case hunters surround the region, where they supposed to meet boars. They determine the places where coursed animal is supposed to run preliminary. Hunters set dogs, which simply drive a place for and provoke boars to concentrate locally. Hunters carefully approach to coursed boar below and effect the fire.

Hunting season: The wild boar hunting is settled in the period from the 1st Saturday of September (in 2017 -September, 2) to December, 31.

Schedule of events
Schedule of events

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