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Hunting for Wolf in Kazakhstan

General information: A wolf is an smart, cautious and very cunning animal. They have great physical strength, endurance and agility.
All wolves have very sensitive noses. They can smell for 1.5 km. These animals are very hardy and can run for a day 65-80 km. If necessary, can run at a speed of 55-60 km / h.

Wolf hunting in Kazakhstan: Hunting for wolves is interesting and dynamic, hunting for them is carried out by the method of rutting on snowmobiles or "from the approach", after detecting a predator in binoculars.

Hunting season: Hunting for a wolf is allowed between January 15 and March 10.

Schedule of events
Schedule of events

Hunting in August

In August the hunting is allowed for Siberian roe deer and Siberian mountain goat (Asian Ibex).